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In the Indo-Pacific region, the US ambushed China at APEC 2018 with an announcement among its allies of a brand new sturdy of base constructing. The US just sold several Aegis Ashores to Japan and is re-opening a naval base in the Phillipines. It seems as obnoxious as the US may be, countries in the realm legit for China. You do not like our angle. I get. But the fact is, there is only one superpower in this world, the United States. And shortly there might be a second, China. And the entire world is making ready for what that means. A regional participant like the European Union will likely be essential to ensure the liberal international order survives this titanic wrestle, however your entire world has seen European dysfunction on show. You’ve seen my posts on Brexit. You know I’m solidly in Europe’s camp on it. And you realize I think the European Union has behaved fairly brilliantly.